Math Stations

This year I tried something NeW and I must say I am loving the results and so are my kids!

There are 3 stations that run during my math:

  • Teacher Station
  • Review Station
  • Task Card Station
Before I started the stations we came up with anchor charts for each and developed our class expectations for all three!  Then I modeled and picked on others to model, then we practiced, practiced and practiced! We also practiced rotating and came up with an anchor chart for that as well!

Each station is 15 minutes then I do a whole group SuM It Up at the end for about 10 minutes.

The Teacher Station- This is where I discuss the I CAN statement and teach the lesson or review a skill that we have been talking about.  I usually start with my high students.  I feel this starts the lesson off strong :)

Example of a Math Review
The Review Station- I write out Math Review's everyday! (It seems like a lot but it really is not, plus I am keeping them so next year I wont be starting over.)  The reviews contain skills I have taught and want them to practice.  I also differentiate my reviews so my students that need a challenge get a more difficult review.  This station is SILENT and is graded for classwork, when they finish the Math Review they grab a deck of cards and practice math facts.

The Task Card Station- My students really enjoy this station.  I have spots picked out around the room where they sit and work on Task Cards I have created.  They have a specific Task Card folder where they must record their answers and their work on their ShOw YoUr WoRk packet.  They take about 3 Task Cards to the spot they choose and SILENTLY work.  I collect the task card answer sheets   as I feel necessary... if they finish all task cards before I have collected and brought out new cards they work on making their own task cards.

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How do your math stations run?

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