My Classroom

As we know a classroom is never really finished! There is always more to do! 

Here is one of my teams Smart Goals for this year. My classroom does not have a lot of wall space, because I have four LARGE windows. Therefore, windows become bulletin boards! We are doing great on our Vocabulary Smart Goal!

Tracking our travel through 3rd grade is the name of our class timeline!  Timelines are huge for social studies standards!

This is a small portion of my class library.  My class library owes a HUGE thanks to Beth Newingham! She is an amazing teacher and resource for so much!  

Classroom Management

In my classroom I strive to teach the students problem solving skills!  I use this problem solving wheel, to help students think of different ways to solve their conflict.  I strongly suggest reading Positive Discipline: A Teacher's A-Z Guide, it's what my classroom management is based on!

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