Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness

Wow we have had so many snow days lately!  I'm not complaining , but at the same time I have so much to teach, I need to see my students!
Before we left for this second arctic blast we put up a random acts of kindness tree in my room.  This year my class has had some struggles getting along and I try to do a lot of community building activities. Basically with this tree students pick a leaf I have precut and write a random act of kindness someone in our room did.  I explained the random acts need to be specific and not vague.  For example instead of saying " ________ helped me" they should say "_________ helped zip up my jacket when it was stuck."
The kids are aloud to write on the leafs in the morning, during recess and during pack up time, after they write out their leaf they place it in a basket on my desk and I staple them up.  They are very excited about these!

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