Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Door

Happy New Year!  Before we left for winter break my classroom decorated our door.  Im working on building community in my classroom, and after hearing about some of my other team-mates ideas I came up with these snowmen.  Each polkadot has an adjective that describes each students personality. Students cut out a circle (polkadot) for each student in the room.  After brainstorming a long list of positive character traits I had the students write a trait on each polkadot for each student!  The kids had a great time with this activity and they loved seeing what other students thought of them! After all who doesn't like hearing kind things about themselves!  Take a look below to see how they turned out!

**By the way I got the cute saying on the door from somewhere else, I just edited it a bit!**

What do you do in your classroom to build community?


  1. Love your Winter Door Snowmen! What a great way to practice adjectives and teaching kindness.

    Classroom in Paradise